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PetsVetShop Pet of the Week

This week's Pets of the Week are the Wacko Brothers; BooneDoggle and BaddaBing, and Sami, who is looking for a good home. UPDATE: Sami has been adopted by Durry and Judy; Wacko Brothers renamed Wacko Squad.

The Wacko Brothers live in St Augustine, Florida and order their pet meds directly from Petsvetshop.

The Wacko Brothers' owners Durry and Judy tell us about this pair of pooches with a penchant for 70's haircuts:

The Doggsie Twins, also known as the "Wacko Brothers", are two Standard Poodles who are totally unrelated. Both are rescues and we senior members of the pack, Durry and Judy Garbutt, are active in Florida Poodle Rescue.

The larger of the two is BooneDoggle, approximately 4 years old, who was found running loose and was never claimed at the animal Control facility in Central Florida. He weighed 1/2 of his normal weight and was suffering muscle atrophy from starvation.

The 'smaller' is BaddaBing. We drove from Florida to New Jersey to pick him up when he was just 10 months old. He was not considered adoptable by Animal Control because he was a biter. Judy is an Animal Behavorist certified by University of Georgia and Novartis. This was the only reason he was released to our 'custody' rather than being destroyed. His biting was an issue over stolen food and we loved that out of him within weeks. He'll give up anything for a hug.

We are currently fostering Sami. She's the one staring out of the window. 3 year old female rescued from a back yard breeder. Looking for a good home.

All of us at Petsvetshop, and animal lovers worldwide appreciate the efforts of Animal Rescue groups such as Florida Poodle Rescue and the tireless efforts of volunteers like Durry and Judy who bring a ray of sunshine into the lives of neglected or needy animals. If you can help to find Sami a home or just want to say thanks for being there you can contact Florida Poodle Rescue on (727) 898-5114.

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BooneDoggle and BaddaBing catch some rays by the pool  
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Sami waits patiently by the door for a new and loving owner  
Petsvetshop Discount Petmeds 
Poodlemap shows the location of Florida Poodle Rescue, which caters to the entire state of Florida and beyond. Sami is awaiting a permanent home while she resides in St Augustine. You can contact Durry directly at durry@youcanliveinflorida.com if you would like to adopt Sami, or why not take advantage of his real estate expertise with Lighthouse Realty Associates, Inc and move your whole kit and kapoodle to the sunny climes of Florida.

BooneDoggle, BaddaBing and Sami
Age: 3-4 yrs

Breed: Standard Poodle
Owner: Durry & Judy

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